Aggressive Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

California takes all drug charges very seriously. If you have been arrested for possession or sale of a prohibited drug — whether it is meth, cocaine, heroin or any other drug the government does not want you to have — you want a lawyer who is committed to protecting your rights. At the Law Office of Philip DeJong in Ukiah, I am ready to give you the best defense possible.

Defenses Crafted For Your Specific Situation

When it comes to drug charges no two situations are exactly the same. I understand the nuances involved in all types of drug cases from minor possession or the sale of a small amount of drugs to charges of manufacturing, cultivating or trafficking of large quantities of illegal or prescription drugs. Whether you face charges in state or federal court, I will help you explore your full range of defense options. While fighting for an acquittal, I will work to reduce the charges and minimize the damages a conviction can carry. When there is an underlying substance abuse problem, I will explore treatment alternatives.

Did The Police Violate Your Rights?

No matter what drug charges you face, it is up to the prosecuting attorney to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and they must do so with evidence that was obtained legally. Searches that led to the seizure of drugs cannot violate your constitutional rights. Similarly, once seized, there cannot be any issues with the chain of custody. With nearly 40 years of criminal defense experience requiring prosecutors to meet their burden of proof and aggressively attacking the introduction of evidence obtained in violation of my clients' constitutional rights, I know how to build a strong defense and protect your freedom.

Contact My California Office

Located in Ukiah, I am ready to sit down and discuss your defense options face to face. I strive to design a defense that works for you. Contact my office online or call 707-877-4099 (toll free 888-368-9042) to schedule an appointment.