Defending Clients In Cases Involving The Use, Cultivation And Transportation Of Marijuana

The laws controlling pot are far too harsh, and even though it is now legal to use marijuana for both medical as well as recreational purposes in California, people are charged with marijuana-related offenses just as often as before. I am defense lawyer Philip DeJong. At my firm, the Law Office of Philip DeJong in Ukiah, I am dedicated to protecting the rights of those who grow marijuana, as well as those charged with possession, cultivation and transportation, whether it is for medical or recreational use.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana can be used to ease suffering. Unlike hard drugs such as meth, heroin or cocaine that can create physical, psychological and other dependency problems, marijuana can be used safely and smartly. In 1994, the people of California, through the initiative process, mandated that the benefits of marijuana should be available for those who need it.

I successfully defended my first client accused of marijuana cultivation in 1978, and have been actively protecting people accused of marijuana law violations ever since. I will gather as much information about your situation as possible, from medical conditions to the circumstances surrounding your arrest, in order to give you the best defense possible.

What Does The Passage Of Proposition 64 Mean To You?

With the passage of Proposition 64, it is now legal for individuals age 21 and older to not only use marijuana but share and possess it. In addition, they can also grow it at home. While this change decriminalizes many activities connected to cannabis, there are still activities tied to marijuana that are illegal. Specifically, marijuana cannot be ingested or smoked in public. In addition, pot plants cannot be sold to others and each household cannot have more than six plants. There are also limits on how much a person who is using marijuana for recreational use can transport or purchase, no more than 28.5 grams.

Logistics, including how the drug will be sold for recreational purposes, are still being worked out in the state of California. During this period of time it is possible that confusion regarding what is legal and what is not could lead to people unintentionally engaging in illegal activities.

Facing Marijuana Charges? Contact An Experienced And Aggressive Attorney For Help

Enough is enough. If you have been charged with a marijuana crime, or if you have had your home searched by a cadre of armed police, it is time to stand up and protect your rights. I am ready to help you explore your legal options. Contact my office online or call 707-877-4099 (toll free 888-368-9042) to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your legal needs today.