Knowledgeable Representation In Prescription Drug Fraud Cases

Criminal charges in connection with prescription drug fraud should be taken seriously. While possession and use of opioids such as OxyContin, fentanyl and Percocet with a prescription from a physician is legal, if you do not have a prescription or if you obtain a prescription fraudulently, you could face criminal charges. From the Law Office of Philip DeJong located in Ukiah, I help people in your situation defend themselves against these serious charges.

Aggressive Defense Against Prescription Drug Trafficking Charges

Even though under certain circumstances it is not illegal to have prescription drugs, an arrest for trafficking drugs that fall into this category could result in consequences that are life changing. As is the case with other drug charges in the state of California, the amount of the prescription drug you are caught with determines how potentially serious the consequences are. If you are charged with trafficking prescription drugs that you obtained via fraud, the sooner you seek legal assistance, the better.

Understanding The Role Substance Abuse Can Play

Opioids are often prescribed to individuals following surgical procedures or to those who suffer chronic pain. They are highly addictive and if you have been taking one of these drugs but no longer have access to it, you may find that you need the drug to function. This can lead some to take actions that they otherwise would not, like obtain prescription drugs via fraud.

The consequences for a prescription drug fraud conviction can be harsh and include incarceration. This is not a foregone conclusion, however. When addiction is behind the criminal behavior alternative sentencing may be available. I am attorney Philip DeJong and I can help determine when treatment might be an option to incarceration and how to pursue this option when appropriate.

Take Your Defense Seriously. Contact A Criminal Defense Lawyer.

I understand that the criminal charge you face may only be part of the issues you are facing in life. To learn how I can help you contact the Law Office of Philip DeJong located in Ukiah. I can be reached online or at 707-877-4099 (toll free 888-368-9042).